Leaf Vase With Two Ladybirds

A heavy earthenware ornament or vase 17 cm x 11 cm high. 6 1/2'' x 4 1/4''. 

Made by joining a number of foxglove imprinted leaves. The rim has been covered with imprints of smaller foxglove leaves. Two ladybirds have been added as an accent. The inside has been given three coats of 'Emerald Forest' followed by crystal glaze. The outside is Toad lily green as is the top, but for an extra coat of darker green. The shape of the rim make it easy to arrange flowers, however, this piece looks great on its own. 

One of a kind.
Colour: Green
Price: £39.00
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Uggeshall Pottery - Leaf Vase With Two Ladybirds