Mille At Work

I am a very old (past 80) Danish lady born in Copenhagen, but I have lived in England since 1963. My late husband was an English architect and I now live in rural Suffolk with my daughter and granddaughters. Our home was originally an old forge, well over three hundred years old and is now a rambling busy home comprising of the old forge, the smithy and the Farriers cottage which have all been adjoined over the years.

My family breeds spaniels for a living (Uggeshall Kennels) and I make pottery. We have over two acres of land with many very old oak trees amongst others. All the many varieties of wild flowers, ferns and grasses are a fascinating inspiration. We have a "massive" kitchen garden, hence my use of cabbage leaves. Also a huge cutting garden to keep our vases full during the summer months - all thanks to my son in law.

The gate to the Forge opens to the narrow Strawberry Lane, which has the most wonderful hedgerows with stinging nettles, wild roses, ferns and Alexanders from Roman times. There are also some very old oak and chestnut trees. So much to gaze at and so much to inspire you.

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